10 Benefits Of Avocado Oil for Face

Check out various benefits of avocado oil for face. Learn about the ways you can use it to make masks for wrinkles, whitening, smooth skin and sunburns.

Avocado Oil on Face

Avocado has been widely used for many years as a nutritional and therapeutic remedy in cosmetology, despite its exotic nature.

Obtain an avocado oil for the face by squeezing the flesh from the fetus and drying the pits. And all this is due to the fact that this fruit is a source of effective facial care, helping to make the face skin ideal, to maintain the beauty and prolong the youthfulness of the skin.

Benefits of Avocado Oil for Face

The use of such a natural remedy for the skin is undeniable since it has unusual anti-aging properties. The diverse composition of avocado nectar turns it into a truly indispensable means of maintaining the beauty that can compete with aloe for face and neck skin. On its basis, at home, a lot of cosmetic products are created.

Avocado oil has the following effect on both dry and oily skin :

    Benefits of Avocado Oil

  1. Puree from avocado, penetrating well and quickly into the interior of the dermis and soaking in, does not allow its desquamation due to drying by deep moistening.
  2. The pulp of this fruit reliably protects from the effects of sunlight and other environmental factors that adversely affect the epidermis. This is possible by increasing the level of local immunity.
  3. Natural facial mask from avocado leads to improved oxygen metabolism in the skin and, as a result, to the acceleration of blood circulation, which inhibits the aging process.
  4. It is effective in the prevention of pigment spots in the period of menopause and pregnancy.
  5. Promotes the activation of the production of its own halides (halogens) and helps to heal small wounds on the face.
  6. It have a lifting effect, smoothing the creases formed over the years in the skin in the region of the chin, cheeks and eyelids.
  7. Very good results, this cosmetic product shows and when used to combat acne and small pimples, being anti-inflammatory.

Masks and Lotions of Avocado Oil

Recipes for masks and lotions of avocado oil for face are as follows.

  1. For Fading Skin
  2. Mix 2 drops of orange juice, chamomile essential oil, and sandalwood with 1 tablespoon of avocado oil.

    Fading Skin

    To insist the received solution under such prescription it is necessary within 15 minutes. Apply face mask with avocado on the skin in an even layer for 20 minutes.

    For the same prescription, you can also prepare a hair care product.

    To apply use cotton wheels are wetted in the composition and leave them on the problem area of the skin for half an hour from the morning and before bedtime.

    Such a tool is suitable for combating shallow wrinkles near the eyes, removing inflammation and eliminating the flabbiness of the epidermis. After the first 5 procedures, changes will be visible on the face.

  3. To get Velvety Skin
  4. Mix 1 tsp. honey with essential oil of peach, argan and avocado 5 ml each.

    For the application, lotion massage movements rub in the face and leave it for half an hour. Use a damp cloth to remove residues.

  5. For Wrinkles
  6. Mix the squid of avocado with olive oil or, if it is not, grape nectar (15 g each). Add 5 grams of geranium ether and gum.


    For the application, procedures are carried out 3 times each day.

    Apply a mask of avocado for the face from wrinkles to the problem areas of the skin by applying, using a cloth soaked in a liquid, for 20 minutes.

    After that, it is necessary to wash off the composition with warm water.

    After 20-30 days, fine wrinkles will remain only an unpleasant memory.

  7. Against Sun Burns
  8. Take 20 ml of avocado oil and mix it with 10 drops of lavender.

    Apply this mask to the skin should not be before sunbathing, and after when it appears red spots and it is irritated.

  9. To Whiten the Face
  10. 50 g of low-fat kefir, add to 15 ml of oily squeezed avocado, mixing everything.

    The mixture is applied to the face for 30 minutes in a clockwise direction. It is washed off with water at room temperature. Reviews of this mask indicate that it is good enough for pigmented spots.

Different Ways of Using Avocado Oil for Face

There are many ways avocado oil can be used for the face. Here are some ways you use it.

  1. It can be safely added to ready-made creams, tonics, lotions and other facial care products. It is also permissible to apply them simultaneously: first, apply a few drops of avocado liquid onto the skin, and then apply a cosmetic preparation.
  2. Whiten Face

  3. This ester is ideal for making face masks from avocados every day. They can be used both by girls with dry skin type, and those with fatty skin, which proves its universality. But most of all the good buttery squeeze from the avocado brings the fading dermis, which lacks oxygen and requires moisturizing.
  4. It is indispensable when caring for a gentle zone under the eyes and above them, quickly reacting to external stimuli. To do this, slowly apply the oil to the specified places and after 20 minutes remove all traces from the face with a napkin.
  5. It is possible to use it in undiluted form without any impurities. Oily squeeze warmed to room temperature, smooth movements in a circle rubbed into the skin. Remove residues after passing 10-12 minutes.
  6. For the purpose of removing makeup. Squeezing avocado for the face has a beneficial effect on the epidermis, quickly dissolving cosmetics in the form of carcass, shadows, powder, etc.
  7. For massage and aromatherapy in conjunction with other oils (you can use any facial oils, for example, grape or olive), which are lighter.
  8. As an analog of a night cream. An oily compound can and should be applied to the face 20 minutes before going to bed.

Caution when Using Avocado Oil for Face


Some people should be careful when using avocado oil for face. Here are some people that needs to be cautious when using avocado oil.

  1. People with hypersensitivity to avocados.
  2. Owners of oily skin , for the reason that this fruit contains a large amount of fat. So after masks on the basis of his oil the face will look even more greasy.

Preparing a facial mask with avocado at home, you can ensure proper and at the same time safe care for it.

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