10 DIY Masks for Shiny Hair

Check out various hair masks for shiny hair naturally. Learn about the advantages of using home remedies like egg yolk, milk, coconut oil etc. to get silky smooth hair and scalp. These DIY recipes also help to care for frizzy and damaged hair.

mask for shiny hair

Often girls suffer from lack of radiance in the curls, loss of elasticity or vibrant color. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. We offer you ways to prepare masks for shiny hair at home.

A super-mask to get silky hair using home remedies as well as professional preparations to restore smoothness is what can help your hair.

Advantages of Home Made Masks

Carrying out cosmetic procedures for caring for the locks at home using home remedies, you can get the following benefits.

Benefits of Mask

  1. It gives hair softness and makes them appear silky.
  2. Helps with hair growth.
  3. Helps to get rid of loss and fragility.
  4. It prevents the appearance of split ends.
  5. It improves hair, strengthen them and normalize growth.

When applying masks at home, there is a noticeable saving in budget compared to visiting beauty salons. This also prevents the development of allergic reactions.

Preparing the mixture at home, you are introduced to its composition. The same cannot be said about the means presented in the salon.

Home Made Masks for Shiny Hair

There are many masks that can be prepared at home and which are proven to be effective. Many ladies used it and testify that after its application their hair appeared a bit shinier. You can choose anyone from the various masks given below.

The only warning is to check for the ingredients that cause you allergies. It is better not to take risks and use a mask with a safe compound for you. Choose your favorite one and go for shiny, smooth and radiant hair.

  1. Cucumber Mask
  2. Mask with cucumber is suitable to supply hair with useful substances, their smoothness, and shine.

    Cucumber mask

    To prepare the mixture, you will need the juice of one fresh cucumber, a tablespoon of shallow salt and egg white.

    Mix all ingredients and mix them well to get a proper texture to be used. The mixture is applied to the hair, as well as rubbed into the root of the head.

    The mask on the curls should be kept for at least half an hour, after which it should be washed off with running water.

    Do this properly and after a couple of masks you will have a head full of shiny hair.

  3. Kefir Masks for Shiny Hair
  4. An excellent storehouse of vitamins and microelements for the hair of any condition is kefir.

    Kefir Mask

    It is better to use a home product so, in the absence of kefir, you can use milk whey or curdled milk.

    After washing on strands, it is recommended to apply one of the fermented milk products and to stand for 20 minutes, then rinse with water.

    After the second or fourth application, you do not recognize your hair. They will become stronger and will have a healthy shine. This may be stay fixed for a long time, after completing the entire course of procedures.

    For maximum effect, 10-12 masks should be made with interruptions of 3-6 days. After a month of rest, you can start the procedures again.

    This scheme is acceptable not only for this mask, it is acceptable for other recipes with natural ingredients.

  5. Sour Cream and Garlic
  6. thick cream

    To stimulate accelerated hair growth, as well as living shine, you can apply the following mask.

    When preparing it, you will need sour cream (preferably if it’s homemade) and garlic.

    Middle denticle to pass through the scabbard or grate and combine with two spoons of sour cream.

    Blend the mixture into the scalp and hair. Wash off after 20-30 minutes using a shampoo.

  7. Egg Masks for Shiny Hair
  8. Egg Whites

    One of the most popular and simple masks for shiny hair is an egg.

    On the washed hair, it is necessary to apply the contents of one chicken egg, after knocking it with a whisk.

    If you have oily hair then it is recommended to add a tablespoon of cognac. This way you will supply dry strands with an excellent balm or conditioner.

    After 15-20 minutes of application, the mixture can be washed off.

  9. Olive Oil Mask to Get Shiny Hair
  10. Another method of feeding hair with beneficial substances is the practice of using oils. The most optimal option is a means of olive berries, but no less effective are peach and almond.

    Olive Oil

    A couple tablespoons of oil should be poured into a glass and put in a bowl with warm water.

    After heating the oil is rubbed into the hair and scalp. If available, you can add a couple drops of some essential oil: for example, citrus or tea tree.

    Keep this mixture for at least an hour to maximize the impregnation of ringlets with oil.

    Then, the hair is washed with warm water using two or three servings of shampoo until they are completely cleansed.

    A noticeable and tangible result will please you after the first procedure.

  11. Gelatin Mask or Salon Lamination
  12. The next mask can compete with its result even with salon lamination.

    Gelatin Mask

    After its application, the hair becomes smooth and silky, and most importantly they do not get tangled and are easily combed.

    To revitalize even the dry strands of the mixture you need gelatin, unrefined vegetable oil, and a balm rinse.

    2 tablespoons gelatin should be poured 4 tablespoons of cold water and allow to brew until swelling.

    Then put the mass on a slow fire and keep until completely dissolved. When it cools, add 1 scoop of butter and balsam.

    Another warm mixture to be applied to the hair and kept for one hour, then carefully rinse with water.

  13. Beer Mask
  14. It is one of the most famous masks and even used at times by Hollywood stars.

    The essence of the procedure is to rinse your hair after washing a glass of natural light beer with a teaspoon of olive oil.

    After one hour, the strands should be rinsed well with warm water.

  15. Coconut Oil and Avocado Masks for Shiny Hair
  16. Coconut and Avocado

    It is considered as one of the best masks for a strong shine of dark hair.

    You need to heat 10 grams of coconut oil, mix it with a mash of half an avocado, and apply the entire length of the dowel.

    This method is not only used for moisturizing but also provides gentle care to discolored and damaged locks.

    If you do not have coconut ether then you can replace it with cocoa.

  17. Rosemary Mask
  18. Homemade masks for the shine of streaked or chemically curled hair with rosemary.

    We need 2 teaspoons of dry ground grass to pour a glass of water (300 ml) and fry for a few hours.

    The resulting mixture is regularly rubbed into curls. To maintain the normal state of hair, you need to wash your hair properly.

  19. Henna for Red Hair
  20. Henna Hair Mask

    This Indian paint can give shine, accelerate growth and emphasize the depth of color.

    Dissolve henna, as stated in the instructions on the bag (each brand has its own requirements), and we apply for the entire length.

    It is very important not to use the technique on dyed hair, otherwise, it is recommended to use white henna powder.

    It has a little lower efficiency but does not stain hair.

Professional Tools to Get Shiny Hair

Reviews argue that the cosmetic hair shine mask combines several active ingredients that cannot be obtained for home manufacture.

Therefore, professional tools are more popular to get shiny hair. Here are some of the known cosmetic masks for shiny hair.

  1. L’Occitane. It regenerates hair. Contains useful vitamins, microelements that nourish from the inside. It possesses a cumulative property.
  2. Professional Mask

  3. Londa Visible Repair with panthenol is especially recommended for use on damaged paint, strands. It acts quickly, does not heavier curls and it does not contain silicone.
  4. Wella SP System Professional Shine Define. It is an effective system for hair care, gives strength and volume, helps to stop falling out.
  5. Herbs & Spices Belkosmex is an excellent mask-balm, a particularly good line that contains cranberry extract.
  6. Mask and hairspray Belita-Viteks guarantees mega-shine in winter and summer. Slows down and normalizes the sebaceous glands.

One can buy any of this cosmetic masks for shine hair in professional cosmetics stores and pharmacies.

Lastly, in order for the components of any of the masks to penetrate as far as possible into the structure of each hair, after applying the mixture, put on the head a special cap or plastic bag. Then warm it with a terry towel or scarf. After washing, the hair should dry naturally without using a hairdryer. This is how you can improve the quality of your head of hair while making it attractive and healthy.

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