How to Fix Dry Peeling Lips Fast

Check out the ways to fix dry peeling lips fast. Learn about the causes of chapped or cracked lips along treatments to cure them. Also, find out the home remedies to get rid of a flaky lip and to prevent them from getting rough.

fix dry peeling lips

Beautiful, soft lips are one of the main business cards of every girl who loves herself. However, there are situations when they do not provide a very nice look. The first and most common cause of unhealthy kind of skin of the lips is dryness. It is very important to fix dry peeling lips immediately. If left untreated they may drive into the wound infection, and then the cracks may remain in the form of scars for life.

In the cold season or summer heat, the dryness of the skin of the lips is a problem familiar to many girls. So, today we will learn how to fix dry peeling lips and what to do when they begin to lose smoothness and softness? How to properly care for the skin, to treat cracks and peeling?

Causes of Dry Peeling Lips

There are several main reasons for which dry lips may appear. Some of these reasons are as follow.

  1. Sharp Temperature Changes
  2. The skin in the mouth is very sensitive. Also, there are practically no sebaceous glands that protect the rest of the skin.

    Seasonal Effects

    So, any change in the weather can greatly affect the condition of the lips.

    Frost, wind, sun and many other weather factors affect the condition of the lips. This is true, not only the lips but the skin and hair.

    In winter, when the heating is turned on, the air in the room becomes dry.

    This can adversely affect the skin, including on the skin of the lips.

  3. Allergy
  4. Often the source of problems is toothpaste, especially containing fluoride. They tend to cause many people an allergic reaction, which is expressed in the dryness of the skin around the lips.

  5. Dietary Constraints
  6. Diet

    The lack of vitamins in the body, a decrease in immunity, all this also apply to causes of dryness and flaking of the lips.

    The cause of dry lips can be dehydration of the body.

    After all, it’s not hot in the winter and therefore, we drink less than usual.

    However, we are supposed to drink at least two liters of water a day and this is not counting juices, tea, coffee.

  7. Sunscreen
  8. In summer, problems often use sunscreen which, when applied to the face, accidentally fall on the skin in the mouth.

    The substance of oxybenzone contained in them very quickly dehydrates the epithelium.

    This, in turn, cause the lips to dry and it may start peeling.

  9. Poor Hygiene
  10. Bad Lip Care

    Some people tend to lick or bite their lips. This adversely affects the condition of the lips.

    If you lick your lips on the street, then this is fraught with the appearance of peeling on the lips.

  11. Incorrectly Selected Lipstick
  12. A number of dyes, contained in decorative lipsticks tend to dry out the skin.

    This gives the effect of a closed circle as the drier the skin, the more girls try to disguise it with the same lipstick.

    Another explanation for permanently dry lips can be the abuse of decorative cosmetics.

Problems can arise not only with the skin on the lips but also in the corners of the mouth. The cause of peeling in the corners of the lips can be a fungal infection or a lack of vitamins in the body.

In addition, very dry lips can cause a number of serious diseases, such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, diabetes mellitus, and hypothyroidism. On the other hand, taking certain medications can also cause dry lips. So, it is necessary to consult a physician to determine exactly what the dry lips are a sign of.

Proper Way to Fix Dry Peeling Lips

There are many ways to fix dry peeling lips fast. However, some ways can be expensive whereas others are cheap and can be prepared at home.

  1. Diet for Healthy Lips
  2. Try to enrich your diet with foods rich in vitamin A. Include carrots and orange fruits (oranges and tangerines). Also, the constant use of the sea-buckthorn broth will rid the lips of small cracks.

    Diet changes

    It is necessary to consume more vitamin B to avoid dryness in the corners of the lips. It is found in greens, vegetables, legumes, as well as in fermented milk products.

    Refuse bad habits and try to eat balanced. Include in your diet vegetables and fruits. Also include products rich in vitamin A, C, E like carrots, legumes, butter, green vegetables and other products.

    These vitamins are responsible for the youth and beauty of the skin, including the skin of the lips. You can also lubricate the lips with a liquid oil solution of vitamin A or E, which you can buy at the pharmacy.

    Still, especially in winter, the intake of vitamins is topical. Also, you can improve immunity using home remedies. For example, for the second time, we are preparing a vitamin mixture to improve the immunity from nuts and dried fruits. It is both tasty and healthy.

  3. Hydration to Fix Dry Peeling Lips
  4. Try to maintain a balance of fluid in the body. In winter, always carry a small bottle of water or natural juice.

    Drinking Water

    However, it is not necessary to drink cold drinks on the street as this way your lips can become more worn out. Never forget to use healing balm or hygienic lipstick after every meal or drink.

    Try to drink at least two liters of water a day, this is not counting coffee and tea. Not for nothing they say that a person is 80% water.

    Clean water removes toxins from our body, cleans blood and lymph, nourishes our cells with moisture.

    If you notice yourself dryness of the skin, including the lips, watch how much you drink water per day.

  5. Massage for Lips
  6. Lip Massage

    It is useful for several times a week to do lip massage with a toothbrush with soft bristles.

    Massage restores the process of moisturizing, stimulating the flow of blood to this zone.

    Try to smear the bottom of your face with a cream containing vitamins E and A.

    It’s the lack of these substances that explains the appearance of dry skin around the lips.

  7. Avoid Bad Habits
  8. If you have a bad habit of licking lips, try to control it.

    Licking can lead to the appearance of wounds and cracks, and at times exacerbate the dryness of the skin in the corners of the lips.

    Whenever going out to the street, apply lip balm to the lips before. They can lubricate the lips to prevent dryness and flaking of the lips.

  9. Proper Lip Care Products
  10. Also, there is an opinion that lipstick moisturizes the lips, but not all lipsticks do it. Many lipsticks can cause dry lips as many women may have found out the hard way.

    Incorrect Lipstick

    Limit the use of decorative lipsticks and try to use natural products for daily moisturizing. For example, honey, petroleum jelly or cocoa butter.

    If compliance with office etiquette does not allow you to abandon decorative lipsticks, choose beauty products on a fat basis. Avoid lipsticks of increased resistance as they penetrate deeply into the skin and have a de-greasing effect. Fatty lipsticks, on the contrary, deeply moisturize and nourish dry lips.

    When choosing a hygienic lipstick, pay attention to the composition. It is better to use those products that include thermal water. This will give the skin an additional source of moisturizing.

    Try to purchase funds that protect against harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Even in winter, albeit to a lesser extent, ultraviolet rays dry the skin, so it is important to have UV protection at any time of the year.

In the fight against dry skin, the main thing is constancy, so do not forget to apply the balm, protective cream or hygienic lipstick before going out. This will help to avoid another unpleasant problem and help fix dry peeling lips at the same time.

Home Remedies to Fix Dry Peeling Lips

Fortunately, in addition to commercial dry skin care products, there are many home remedies that will help to quickly restore the smoothness and silkiness of your lips.

For home remedies moisturizing the lips and helping to cope at home with dryness and peeling of the lips can be done with honey, sour cream, butter, vegetable oils.

  1. Aloe Vera Juice for Lips
  2. Dry corners of the lips are well treated with Aloe Vera juice.

    Aloe Vera

    Cut the aloe leaf and squeeze a couple of drops on the palm, then lightly massaging movements rub the liquid into the corners of the mouth.

    Repeating this procedure two or three times a day, a week later you will forget about the dryness in the corners and around the lips.

  3. Butter for Lips
  4. You can grease your lips with rustic sour cream or butter, which softens and moisturizes your lips.

    Also, bee honey is mixed in equal parts with butter at room temperature and applied to the lips.

  5. Aromatic Oil for Lips
  6. aromatic oil

    Another way to fix dry peeling lips is with the right combination of aromatic oils.

    Take three drops of essential oil of orange, patchouli and vetiver. Mix with a teaspoon of almond oil.

    Add one drop of Neroli oil to the resulting mixture. Soak the mass in a dark cool place for 2 weeks.

    Every day for the night, apply the resulting mixture in a uniform layer.

  7. Sour Cream Mask
  8. A good remedy is various nourishing masks. To make a mask of sour cream.

    Take a teaspoon of sour cream, a teaspoon of lemon juice and add a little vegetable oil.

    Mix all the ingredients and apply on the lips and skin around the mouth for half an hour.

    Rinse the mask with warm water.

  9. Green Tea Lotion for Lips
  10. Green Tea

    If the skin has cracked to such an extent that every movement of the mouth causes pain, there is an express remedy for relieving irritation.

    Just make a lotion from the tea leaves of green tea, and hold it on your lips for 20 minutes.

    Painful sensations will pass, and the antioxidants contained in green tea will prepare the epithelium for further recovery.

  11. Honey Mask
  12. You can also apply a honey mask on your lips, slowly rubbing honey into the skin with light massaging movements.

    This mask quickly heals cracks and nourishes the dry corners of the lips.

  13. Curd Mask
  14. A similar effect can be achieved with a curd mask.

    To make it you need to mix a small amount of fatty cottage cheese and carrot juice, and apply the mixture for twenty minutes.

In more serious cases, for example, with a fungal infection, do not neglect the help of a specialist. It is better to see a doctor than engage in self-medication because the problem can worsen.

Tips to Prevent Dry Peeling Lips

  1. Drink lots of water. During periods of frost or when getting an active tan, use freshly squeezed juices, including drinks with aloe vera and herbal extracts.
  2. For prevention, do once a week, herbal lotions for the lips. Their duration is not more than five minutes. After the compress, apply the usual lip balm.
  3. Tips for Lips

  4. Thoroughly flush your lips, especially if you use persistent makeup. Remains of cosmetics, pigments, have a negative effect on the skin condition and worsen the flow of metabolic processes in it, which provokes the formation of dryness.
  5. Take special vitamin complexes to fill the lack of vitamin E. But better eat more seafood, fish, greens, avocados and citrus fruits.
  6. Watch for food. The correct diet is a guarantee of beauty and health, and sensitive areas like the lips react most quickly to a lack of vitamins and minerals and a decrease in metabolism.
  7. If the dryness of the lips cannot be removed by improvised means for a long time, consult a dermatologist. It is also possible that this problem is caused by some kind of disease. This is important to pay attention to.

There are many reasons why the lips become dry. So, if such a nuisance has happened to you, do not panic. A modern girl should not have doubts what to do with dry lips because the existing wide range of store and home moisturizers will not allow a dry skin to spoil your mood.

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