How to Get Soft Feet Overnight

Check out the best ways to get soft feet overnight. Learn about the causes of rough and cracked heels along with ways to cure them. Find out the possible solution both medical and natural to get silky smooth feet. Also, learn about the oldest home remedies involving vinegar, baking soda among others for heels.

get soft feet

No matter what your foot size, but if you are a woman you need to care for your feet. Sometimes you will meet a woman on the street, beautiful, with make-up, stylishly dressed, pleasant smelling, but paying attention to the heels, it becomes immediately clear that she does not care for them and all her beauty is dissolved.

Many guys, when choosing a girl for a relationship, often pay attention to their feet as well. Some look at curve and others on fingers and feet. So, if you’re still on the lookout, be prepared for anything, suddenly your untidy legs may scare the prince off.

Proper attention to heels of a woman is a year-round job, and not only when the spring comes in the yard. It is not necessary to run to the beauty salon just for this. So, the question comes how to get soft feet overnight at home. Well, it’s not that difficult just follow the rules given below and you will have them.

Causes of Rough Feet and Heel

Smooth heels by nature are only possessed by babies. So, if you see a woman who has soft and smooth heels without even a single crack then believe that this is the result of a long and hard work. You will not have such heels if you do not try. The skin on the heels becomes coarse. However, to better the understand it let’s look at the main reasons of the roughness of heels.

  1. Violation of Personal Hygiene
  2. Violation of the rules of personal hygiene is one reason that causes roughness of heels.

    Wash Your Feet

    Regular washing and cleansing of the skin of the feet also refer to the procedure for personal hygiene, and the violation of its rules results in the coarse skin.

    If you have rough heels, you may like to walk barefoot, including at home.

    Try to give up this habit, your bare feet are more prone to dryness and cracking.

  3. Improper Pedicure
  4. Some people are not familiar with the pedicure procedure, they believe that a pedicure is applying a nail polish on everything and nails.

    However, in fact, a pedicure means a full-fledged care for the nails and the skin of the legs.

    Absent proper care or pedicure woman’s heels tend to dry up and get rough.

  5. Synthetics
  6. Wearing Socks

    Socks or pantyhose from synthetics can cause heels to turn rough as well.

    As everyone knows, synthetics do not let air in, legs start sweating, bacteria multiply, an unpleasant smell and fungus take place.

    All these problems lead to rough and smelly feet.

  7. Dry Skin
  8. Too dry skin of the feet is also the cause of cracks.

    If the lovely ladies believe that only the face and hands need to be moistened, then they are deeply mistaken.

    Legs are not less prone to dryness and hence need to be moisturized from time to time.

  9. Unbalanced Nutrition
  10. If your body lacks any vitamins, namely A and E, it can respond to you with rough heels as well.

  11. Wrong Shoes
  12. Wrong Shoes

    For example, in the summer it is worth making a choice in favor of sandals with a closed heel, so you protect your heels from sunlight and frequent weathering.

    The rest of the time, carefully choose shoes with heels, and do not wear tight and uncomfortable shoes.

  13. Serious Diseases
  14. Serious diseases of the endocrine system, diabetes can also provoke the hanged dryness of the feet. These, in turn, will affect the formation of cracks and thereby rough feet.

Proper Way to Get Soft Feet

The most effective methods to combat coarse heels are the use of special foot baths.

Pumice Stone for Feet

The composition of the trays can be different: herbal, saline and soda, depending on the characteristics of your skin.

After using the bath, the skin of the feet is thoroughly cleansed with a fine-grained pumice stone or a special foot file. At the end of the procedure, a moisturizer is applied.

For maximum moisturizing, feet can be greased with olive oil and put plastic bags on at night.

In the morning you will be surprised how much your feet are soft and smooth.

Home Remedies to Get Soft Feet

If your heels seriously suffer from cracks and piles, it is desirable after the application of trays, on the feet to apply special masks. To get soft feet there are several home remedies you can use after you have gone through the feet cleaning process. Some of the natural remedies are as follows.

  1. Mask of Eggs and Lemon
  2. Mask of eggs and lemon is known to help get soft feet.

    Egg White

    Break the egg, separate the yolk from the protein. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and as much starch. Mix everything thoroughly.

    Apply the mask on the feet until it dries completely, and then rinse with warm water.

    In the end, apply a nourishing cream to your feet.

  3. Honey and Olive Oil Mask
  4. Mask made of honey and olive oil is best to moisturize your feet and make them smooth.

    Mix in the same amount of honey and olive oil and apply the mixture on the heels for half an hour. Then rinse with warm water.

  5. Honey and Banana Mask
  6. Honey

    Mask of honey and banana is considered quite effective to get soft feet.

    Rub a banana on a fine grater. Keep the bananas and honey in the same ratio to form a proper mixture.

    The resulting porridge put on the heels and feet wrap with a plastic wrap.

    Leave for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

  7. Squash Mask
  8. Take a young zucchini, grate it on a small grater.

    The resulting mixture is put in a clean gauze and then attach to the problem area for 30 minutes.

    Then, everything is washed off with warm water and a nourishing cream is applied to the feet.

    Aloe Vera

  9. Aloe Vera Mask
  10. Crush the Aloe Vera leaf in a mortar, attach the resulting mass to the problem area.

    Wrap it in a food film and leave it overnight.

    In the morning you will see a tremendous effect.

Hydrogen Peroxide to Get Soft Feet

For sure, in every home medicine cabinet, there is hydrogen peroxide. It is very effective in combating the rough skin of the feet. We’ll tell you how to clean your heels with hydrogen peroxide. However, first, it is worth noting that this substance has a rather aggressive nature, so its use requires compliance with all recommendations.

There are 3 effective prescriptions for the use of hydrogen peroxide and such are as follows.

  1. Soak Your Feet
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide for Soft Feet

    You can also soak your feet in an aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide.

    Take hot water (1.5 liters), as hot as possible, so that your feet can withstand this temperature.

    Add 4 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide, and steam the legs for about 5-10 minutes.

    Once stuck, feet can be cleaned with pumice or a foot file.

  3. Dilute Hydrogen Peroxide and Gauze
  4. Dilute hydrogen peroxide in water in a ratio of 1 to 6, respectively. Water should not be cold, but slightly warm.

    Next, take a small piece of gauze dressing, soak in the resulting solution and wipe the area of the foot for about 5 minutes. Then clean with a pumice stone.

  5. Hydrogen Peroxide and Salt
  6. Hydrogen Peroxide for Soft Feet

    The third recipe contains besides hydrogen peroxide, table salt.

    Pour the basin of warm water, pour 2 tbsp. salt.

    Hold the legs in the water container for about 7 minutes and then add 3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to the same.

    Continue the procedure for another 5 minutes.

    At the end, clean your feet with pumice stone.

With the help of hydrogen peroxide, you can treat not only the rough skin of the feet but also the burrs.

Take the gauze lotion, moisten it with an aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide and lay it on the natto-powder for 2 hours. You can also stick it with a plaster.

Aspirin to Get Soft Feet

Aspirin is heavy artillery, which can cure the most neglected kind of rough heels. Here is a proper way to get soft feet using aspirin.


For this recipe, you need the following products.

  • 10 tablets of aspirin.
  • Medical alcohol.
  • Iodine.

Rub the tablets into powder, add iodine and alcohol.

The received weight is to be put on the damaged sites of the skin after the spent procedures.

Infusion based on aspirin promotes rapid healing of cracks and softening of the skin of the heels.

Cream to Get Soft Feet

You have an important event, but you do not have time for a pedicure, then you need to know how to get soft feet fast at home. Here is an express procedure as shown below.

  1. Wash your feet thoroughly with cleansing agents, then dry them dryly.
  2. Cream for Feet

  3. On dry feet, apply foot cream, which you usually use. Allow the cream to soak completely.
  4. Then take a special leg file, moisten it with warm water and rub it with the problem area on your legs. Do the procedure until all the coarse skin does not get off the feet.
  5. Then again, thoroughly wash your feet, apply a greasy cream and put on special cosmetic socks. You can use ordinary cotton soft socks.

Of course, this express method is not for neglected cases. If your heels are very rough and with a lot of cracks, then it’s better to resort to more serious ways of softening the feet.

Important Tips to Get Soft Feet

  1. All procedures are performed on clean feet.
  2. Procedures for skin care feet are better to spend in the evening, so your feet for the night will fully rest.
  3. Advice for Soft Feet

  4. Never cut with sharp objects (blade, razor or scissors) on the head and cracks. You can only injure yourself.
  5. If you use more powerful tools, never disregard the instruction. Clearly observe the proportions, and then your health will not be threatened.
  6. Do not use a coarse pumice stone. If you think that rough pumice will help to cope faster with rough skin stop. You are mistaken, you only injure your skin, instead of pumice you can use a scrub.
  7. Take care of the skin regularly just like you take care of your teeth.

From all this, you now know how to effectively clean the heels and get soft feet at home. Everything can be done at home and use simple and affordable means, however, experts have much experience in this. So, if you are not confident enough then let the expert take care of it in the beginning and then learn as you go along.

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