How to Make Rough Hands Soft Permanently

Check out ways to make rough hands soft permanently. Find out about the methods to get rid of scaly palms and turn them in to smooth and beautiful ones naturally. Also, learn about the home remedies to get and maintain velvety skin forever.

make rough hands soft

Touch your hands. What do you feel? Delicate skin or rough and flaky surface? If the second, then you are in the right place because here are best ways to make rough hands soft at home. This advice will help you to return the velvet, soft and pleasant touch of the skin.

Causes of Rough Hands

Causes of Rough Hands

What causes the appearance of dry and coarse skin on the hands? Everyday life, unfortunately, makes a negative contribution.

Home worries, lack of vitamins, exposure to weather conditions, daily work with a lot of papers and documents often leads to the fact that the skin of the hands is not something that is pleasant, and even painful to touch.

Coping with coarse hands is easy and simple at home. For this, there are various softening herbal and oil baths and masks. Take on the arsenal of several useful recipes we provide to help make rough hands soft once again.

Scrubs to Make Rough Hands Soft

The first thing which is necessary for the desire to achieve excellent results is to treat the stratified layer. It can be removed using natural scrubs that are easily prepared at home. Some of these scrubs to make rough hands soft are as mentioned below.

  1. Coffee scrub
  2. Coffee scrubs along with its multiple variants can help to get rid of rough, flaky skin.

    Mix a spoonful of warmed honey and 1.5 tablespoons of ground coffee to prepare a proper scrub.

    Gently massage the hands using this scrub and then wash the composition with warm water.

    Do not use hot water to wash your hands as it can cause some more problems like burn marks.

    Scrub for Hands

  3. Sea Salt Scrub
  4. In the container add olive oil, lemon juice on a spoon and 2 tablespoons of sea salt to prepare an exfoliating scrub.

    Gently massage your hands using this scrub all the while focusing to remove the dead flaky skin.

    Later, wash it with lukewarm and not hot water to get the desired result.

  5. Olive Oil With Sugar
  6. Oil and sugar must be mixed to a homogeneous gruel to achieve a proper scrub.

    Use this mixture to massage your hands properly and then wash it using lukewarm water.

There are also other scrubs like soda and sugar scrubs, etc.

Any of the proposed scrubs is applied smoothly and not a thick layer on the skin. After which it is worthwhile for a couple of minutes to gently massage hands. Then wash the composition with warm, but not hot water.

Baths to Get Soft Hands

Baths using herbs are considered to be one of the most effective to make rough hands soft once again. In this case, the simplest and most accessible plants of our strip are used. These can be stocked in the summer in the country, in the village or in the forest. You can also buy them at the pharmacy nearest you.

Herbal baths are very useful. Here, to help tender women’s hands the useful properties comes from chamomile, sunflower grass, plantain and other medicinal plants.

  1. Bath With Grass of Sunflower
  2. Sunflower Grass

    To prepare it you need a small handful of grass and a glass of water.

    Bring the mixture to a boil and cook over low heat for 10-12 minutes.

    Slightly cool and put your hands in such a decoction for half an hour.

    After the procedure, use a nourishing hand cream.

  3. Bath with Chamomile
  4. Probably, there is no such girl who does not know the healing properties of the flowers of this plant.

    The means for decoction of chamomile help not only to soften the rough skin of hands but also have an anti-inflammatory and healing effect.

    This is especially true if there is irritation on your hands, for example, from a detergent powder.

    The way of preparation of a bath on a broth of a chamomile is same, as the previous prescription with sunflower.

  5. Althaeus and Plantain
  6. Plantain

    To prepare a softening bath, mix a mixture of these plants in a ratio of 2: 1, pour 300 g of water and add a little honey.

    The broth should boil only 15 minutes, and insist half a day.

    This is necessary in order that all the medicinal substances of the Althea penetrate into the decoction.

    Before use, heat the infusion and hold hands in it for 20 minutes.

Home Remedies to Get Soft Hands

As mentioned above there are various home remedies that can help to make rough hands soft again. Including the ones mentioned above here are some more natural methods to get softer hands.

  1. Nourishing Oil bath
  2. In addition to herbal decoctions, oil baths have long proven themselves. Their peculiarity is that they not only soften and heal the skin, but also nourish it perfectly. After such procedures, it is not necessary to use a cream.

    olive oil for hands

    A soothing bath with olive oil is very effective, and it’s easier to make it at home. For preparation, it is necessary to possess.

    • Olive oil.
    • Three drops of your favorite essential oil, ideally lemon or orange.

    The mixture should be slightly warmed and put hands in it for 10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and use a nutritious cream. Recipes with olive oil soften the skin, give it smoothness, elasticity and protect against premature aging.

    Before using the hand bath, you need to treat the skin with a scrub or peeling. It can be a remedy for your favorite brand or a natural home scrub.

  3. Sweet Masks for hands
  4. Honey is a product that is simply created for skin care at home. Simple recipes on its basis have been recognized by millions of women. It also serves as the best sweet masks for your hands with honey.


    Hand softens very well with the mask of honey and olive oil. To create it, you need the following ingredients:

    • Warm honey.
    • 50 g of olive oil.
    • Egg yolk of a chicken egg.

    We mix the components, apply them on hands and put on cotton gloves. After 20 minutes you can wash it off. Do not forget about the nourishing cream. Well, if it will be with glycerin, olive oil or chamomile extract.

    An excellent recipe for the help with rough hands is a mask with honey and cocoa butter. The secret of this recipe is that procyanidins, which are part of cocoa, are responsible for the elasticity of the skin, melanin protects it from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light, and honey softens and cures.

    Combine 50 g of cocoa butter and 25 g of warm honey, spread with a mixture of hands and put on rubber gloves. Keep the mask for 20-30 minutes. Then all according to the standard scheme use warm water and a favorite cream.

  5. Mask based on Glycerin
  6. Those of you, dear readers, who are familiar with glycerin, certainly know its properties. If you recall the lessons of chemistry, then glycerin is a compound whose molecules retain water very well on its surface.

    Therefore, for the moisturizing and softening of the skin of the hands, the means with glycerin are well suited. Many cosmetic factories use this substance as an ingredient to create creams and hand masks.


    Mask with glycerin and ammonia is especially useful for those who plan to work in the garden. Components for the recipe can be found in any medicine cabinet:

    • Ammonia, or 0.25% ammonia solution.
    • Glycerol.
    • Water.
    • Medical alcohol.

    Ingredients are mixed in equal proportions and grease the received structure on the hand two-three times a day. Glycerin masks prevent coarsening of hands and moisturize it as well. The solution can be supplemented with an oil extract of chamomile.

    Important! Glycerin cannot be applied in the hands in a clean, undiluted form since without the presence of water it has the opposite effect. It dries and irritates the skin.

Tips to Keep Softness of Hands

Regular use of natural trays and masks is not the only condition for beautiful, gentle hands. Daily care is important as well. For dessert, we offer you a small reminder that it will help to save the result of applying home recipes for softening the hands. Here are a few rules that should be followed for maintaining soft hands.

    Soft hands

  1. It is important that the body receives all the necessary nutrients, minerals, vitamins and water. Eat well, drink plenty of fluids.
  2. Hot or, conversely, cold water adversely affects the condition of the hands. For hygienic procedures, use only warm water.
  3. Choose a soap with a content of emollients. Do not forget once or twice a week to treat your hands with a scrub and apply your favorite cream daily.
  4. Home chores and gloves should always be together. Use a cream with silicone, which creates a protective film of alkalis, acids and water.
  5. Regular manicure is another condition for maintaining the beauty of your hands.

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